6 Remarkable Ways to Honor The Fallen (Memorial Day Remembrance)

Memorial Day conjures up images from barbecues and beach retreats to camp-side fires and commemoration of fallen heroes. It is a solemn day of remembrance for the more than 1.1 million Americans who have died in military service.  The official “decoration day” was declared and observed at Arlington National Cemetery on May 30, 1868; the national holiday designation came in 1971. America’s fallen heroes have been honored for more than 60 years by The 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) with more than 235,000 American flags being placed at grave sites just prior to the Memorial Day weekend.


Perhaps, the English classicist-poet had the heart of this holiday with an epitaph: When you go home tell them of us and say – for your tomorrow we gave our today.   


Commemorate … Celebrate … For every life lost and every freedom gained, there are remarkable ways to honor them.

Say thank you for the freedom to experience the great outdoors!






Help children (and grandchildren) create a gratitude story about our nation’s freedom … and those who have sacrificed.
Request a patriotic song on your favorite radio station.







take a moment of silence
Take a moment of silence to pray for those who have fallen and their families.







tuba player
Attend a parade to celebrate the freedoms you enjoy every single day.









airport escalator
Passing through America’s airports? Take time to thank military members for honoring the legacy of those who have fallen … they are among the 1% of the population protecting your freedom still today.









How will you honor our nation’s heroes this Memorial Day?


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