Life is Dirty, Mud Pies are Optional

I will go visit Santa today, bearing gifts of love and encouragement. It is time for him to receive instead of give.  No need to travel to the North Pole! He is just five minutes away. Through familiar hallways and room to room we roamed, singing Christmas carols and delivering stockings together with Team Music is Love teammates. The time spent was often intertwined with caring for my parents and my husband in the same hospital.  Year after year, our jolly old Santa came alongside to love patients through it. Now we are told, “Santa’s heart is unique (we knew this) … and struggling” (we didn’t know this). The structure of his heart and the way it functions is rare, and compromised. The doctors say he is truly 1 in a million (we knew this).

2017 has delivered overwhelming proof to me that life is dirty.  No one escapes unscathed; some are just bound to get dirtier than others. As one struggle after another has come into my loved ones’ lives, I wipe the tears away and rise yet again. Getting knocked down is inevitable but staying down is optional. Life on earth is dirty. Always has been, always will be. It is full of hurts and disappointments. Still, it is also very full of renewal and hope.

Those childhood days of playing in puddles and making mud pies after a summer rain are a great visual of such renewal and hope. You don’t have to eat dirt to experience it (though some people have). Perhaps the idiom is true, “You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die.” Even more true is the Psalm of David, reminding us that “joy comes in the morning.”

Hang onto hope as you work through the muddiness. I have survived more life is dirty seasons than I wish to count. I am keenly aware of the fact that I not only survived, I am more blessed because of them.  In the process of becoming more compassionate, less expecting, more appreciative, I even chose to dance in the dirt. The child is me delights in the hope that remains and the love that sustains. Pray for Santa, will you? We will compare heart notes today — my husband’s one in a million to Santa’s. Miracles can happen. Believe.

Head held high. Carry on love.

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