Look for the helpers, there you will see hope

How can I possibly help in so much devastation? The question floods our minds perhaps as much as the images of recent disasters. Wild fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes have some questioning “where is God in this?” We could ask the same question in watching a loved one struggle with chronic illness, job loss, friendship betrayal, or any life event that disturbs our peace. Asking why seems of little help as no explanation will magically change the course. We have to go through it … loss, grief, pain and all.

Still, I do know God is in this. He is in every one of our disastrous (and delightful) circumstances. While we were anxiously watching Hurricane Irma’s track and anticipating evacuation here in Northwest Florida, a perfect reminder came through a radio broadcast. “Look for the helpers, there you will see hope.” Fred Rogers’ words resonated like a reassuring whisper. With every disaster, there in the aftermath, there are helpers. Like a light of restoration, the helpers arrive from near and far, filled with compassion and ready to serve. Through helpers we see why hope matters to hurting people, and ultimately we see God in it too.

Want to see where food is coming from and how it will make the journey from Tennessee to Texas? Follow the Team Music is Love helpers HERE. Martina McBride and her charity organization believe music can help and it can heal.

Housed in trailers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Matt Kerr and other volunteers ventured to help stranded or injured pets and wildlife. Likewise, the South Florida Wildlife Center is working to ensure the well-being of all wildlife brought to their center during and after Hurricane Irma. Their website offers tips to tell if animals are orphaned, injured, or perfectly fine—and what to do if they need your help.

Montana wildfires have consumed 270,000 acres and residents have lost their homes, land, livestock and livelihoods. Billows of opaque smoke and scorching flames have consumed hundreds of thousands of acres in Montana, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California and Utah. Firefighters from around the nation are helping to battle the blazes day and night. Helpers are there, among the ashes, bringing goods and services, and establishing relief funds.

Out of the ashes, floods, and ruins, we will rise. Incredible resiliency will shine through the grief, loss, and pain. Your life-story is still unfolding. Look for the helpers. It is the American way, and it is God’s way, of restoring our hope.



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