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 Children: Our Hope for Tomorrow

 by: Amaryllis Sánchez Wohlever, MD

             A few weeks ago, my son’s buddy strained his hamstrings during a school basketball game. Having looked forward to playing with his team for months, he’ll likely miss the rest of the season. Most kids would have stayed home on game days, but not this young man – he’s no ordinary fourth grader. John wants to keep going to games to watch, learn, and encourage his teammates.

At the end of last week’s game, John was first in line to high-five the visiting team and assure them that, though they lost, they played a good game. He sat on his team’s bench, was a part of each huddle, cheered on his buddies, and then even encouraged the opposite team. His maturity, sportsmanship, and kindness speak volumes of his character. I’m glad he’s my son’s friend.

Speaking of my son, I’m pretty proud of him, too! I found out he’s been sitting out during recess, not playing Octoball or soccer, and hanging out with John instead. He knows that his friend can’t run around, so he gave up his favorite games to keep John encouraged. His parents call the injury a blessing, pointing to all the acts of concern and kindness from friends, teachers, and his coaches during this time.

Hope comes in various ways, whether hugs, cheers, phone calls, a home-cooked meal, a thoughtful note or text message, or simply a friend sitting with you in silence. As I’ve watched this nine year-old face a disappointing injury, I’m impressed with his attitude. We can all learn from him about the power of optimism, recognizing that God does work all things together for good to those who love Him and put Him first.

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