Learning through a Child’s Eyes

Today I visited with an amazing family. Sebastian and his family are what I call “hope in motion.” Have you ever met someone who no matter what life hands them, they find a way to go on? People that are amazingly resilient don’t just “go on.” They go on with hope! When cancer hits a family twice…mother and child…many families would understandably be so overwhelmed, that hopelessness would set in. Not so for Sebastian and his family.

When I visit with Sebastian, I learn new things, through a 9-year old’s eyes. Today, I learned that 9-year old boys can give powerful hugs. I felt courage..HUGE in that hug! I also felt gratitude. His hug was a blessing to me, and a reminder “to give thanks in all circumstance.”

Visiting someone with cancer can be a bit intimidating–if you’re not sure of what to say or what to do. Being with Sebastian and his family was more about being together than it was about “cancer.” While it’s okay to ask questions and show compassion, non-cancer conversations are what cancer patients miss the most. “Fighting the fight” is foremost in their mind, but life isn’t all about cancer—even when they’re fighting it!

In between our cancer talks, Sebastian and I talked about other things. We talked about what he loves, what he misses, and what he wants other kids (and adults) to know about having cancer. We even talked about what’s on his “wish” list. We shared a coloring book and brainstormed clever new ideas for those pages. We talked about his upcoming camp experience and about his best friend. His parents deserve huge applause; it is their quiet strength that I see reflected in this 9-year old boy. Their faith shines like a beam of light for others to see.

Hope matters. It’s the nutrient for living abundantly, no what life brings. When I gave my hugs good bye and walked out the door, I was “hope in motion,” magnified! Share hope today–because it matters most.


5 thoughts on “Learning through a Child’s Eyes”

  1. Hope, faith and love are like the different colors of light that you see in a rainbow. Thank you for sharing your encounter with Sebastian. Cancer has caused him to advance spiritually beyond his physical age. I am praying for his healing and those who around him impacted with this cancer. Thank you Maryann and may God continue to bless your life and your ministry. 🙂

  2. This is my great Nephew, and when I followed this link from facebook, I cried all the way through it. I am so proud to know that Jennifer, Rick and Sebby are part of my life. Their faith and strength are amazing.

  3. Thank you for the kindness that you are showing to my daughter and grandson who are both fighting cancer. How I long for the day when tears are turned to joy. May God bless your ministry abundantly.

    1. It is a special privilege to be in their lives and magnify hope in every possible way. For hope is like angel’s wings, carrying us—even in the darkest of trials.

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